Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The history of the bra

The history of the braThe history of the bra starting from 2500 years before Christ, in which time the girl on the island of Crete, Greece has been using similar clothes bras outside their clothing to lift their breasts. Year 450 BC, Roman women used some kind of tank top to adjust the size of their breasts.
Bra and history in world
In 1893, Marie Tucek patents registered in the office of the United States as the creator of breast supporter, clothing very similar to the modern bra. In 1912 the term Bahasa Brassiere listed in the Oxford Dictionary.
Modern bra was first patented in 1914 by a New York socialite named Mary Phelps Jacob.
However, he sold his patent rights to the Warner Brothers Corset Company in Connecticut, the United States worth $ 1.500 which then produces more than 15 million dollars 30 years later.
In 1928, Ida Rosenthal, an immigrant from Russia, created a system of measuring cups on the bra and expand it to every stage of life from puberty to adulthood.
New in 1935, Warner created a system of measuring cups that we now know from A to D which is immediately applied by other bra manufacturers.

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