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To get sexy breasts with light exercise

To get sexy breasts, you not need spend much money or do some plastic surgery. Simply do some light exercise and your breasts will be sexy.

* Doing the pressure is one method to create a beautiful breast. The trick, stand facing the wall, press your palms against the wall, hold 10 seconds and then relax. Do this for 10 repetitions of this for 10 times.
To get sexy breasts with light exercise* straight Stand and bend the arm at the elbow, try hand at hips. Try to touch your elbows with each other behind their backs. Do it slowly and will stretch the muscles. Hold for 10-15 seconds. Perform up to 8 times.
* The next exercise. Palms meet in front of the chest and press each other for 3-5 seconds. Do this repetition up to 8-10 times.
* If you can not go to swimming pools, do it at home to strengthen the muscles of the breast. Stand up and closer to the wall. Repeat as swimming breaststroke. Perform slow movements 100 times.
* Perform this final step, stand up straight and place books in the head, walking for a few minutes and try the book did not fall. This will relax the muscles and provides an opportunity to rest.
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THE HISTORY OF WOMEN BRA Women have always tried to enhance their female figures by squeezing themselves into restricting, uncomfortable garments. Waists have been reduced and bustlines have been increased, decreased, flattened or spread out, depending on what was fashionable. Back in 2500 B.C., warrior Minoan women on the Greek isle of Crete began wearing a bra-resembling garment, shoving their bare breasts upward and out of their clothes! Greek and Roman women later wore a breast band, minimizing their chest size.

During the Renaissance Period, women stuffed the chest portions of their undergarments with silk pouches and hankies, binding them in place as well as could be expected to create an alluring bustline. Since there was nothing much to hold the pouches exactly where they should have been, there was a tendency for them to shift into laughable positions.

Marie Tucek patented the actual first 'breast supporter' in 1893. Her foundation garment was similar to the bras sold today, having pouches for the breasts to sit in.

Then in 1913, Mary Phelps Jacob of New York and her maid, Marie, devised a backless bra to be worn under a sheer evening gown. She made this from two handkerchiefs, some ribbon and cord and amazingly started getting orders for it that very night. Not willing to let loose of a good thing, Jabobs showed up at the patent office in 1914 with sketches to finalize her patent. Her invention was awarded the title 'Backless Brassiere'.

It should be noted that Jacob's brassiere design was intended to flatten the breasts and not enhance them. Her invention didn't even have cups.

Without publicity, her brassiere business was doomed to sag and Mary sold her company to Warner Brothers Corset Company for just $1,500!

Ida and William Rosenthal went into business as the Maidenform Company in the 1920's as a protest against the notorious flat-chested flapper girls of the Roaring 20's. Ida was the actual inventor of brassiere cups and designed bras for every female figure from budding teens to the mature matron.

You wouldn't expect to see a mention of billionaire Howard Hughes here, would you?

Hughes used his aeronautical engineering knowledge to take an unknown starlet, Jane Russell, and turn her into an overnight star. Hughes designed a bra that took Russell's chesty assets and put them fully in the face of all gawking America.

Century-Fox had cancelled the agreement for Hughes to allow them to release 'The Outlaw'. Critics that had already seen it were panning it left and right. Censors were having a fit about Jane's breasts being overexposed due to Hughes' wonderfully inventive brassiere improvements. Millions of dollars stood to be lost.

Hughes had all his managers start a chain reaction of calling ministers, women's clubs and housewives telling them about the 'lewd picture' Hughes was about to release starring Jane Russell. They responded by protesting and wildly trying to have the film banned -- just the publicity Hughes needed to turn around the entire profit system and have the most incredible publicity machine in full gear. It was the bra that saved Hollywood.

Over the years, other innovations have been added to the basic bra such as the use of uplifting elastic, uses of lace and other elastics within the fabric.

Recent developments have surfaced in the health field. Some researchers say that full-time bra wearers are 21 times more likely to develop breast cancer than their non-bra wearing counterparts. The reasoning behind this is limiting of the functioning of the lymphatic system and the decreased removal of toxins from the breasts. This study was sharply criticized for not taking into consideration lifestyle differences such as smoking, alcohol, weight, etc.

other fact : A BRA first woman in the world, found in storage at the Science Museum, in London, is believed to be closing the first breast, which is designed to provide a statue of a woman more beautiful breast forms in the same way as the modern bra.
BRA including exclusive items until 1907, when it featured in Vogue. before that time, the BRA is a luxury only available to wealthy women. Underwear is also part of the collection were displayed in glass cabinets containing a variety of cosmetic device of the 19th century.
Item will be shown to be one of the highlights in a show at the Museum of Science entitled 'The Science of Beauty. "Working with L'Oréal, will cross the boundaries between art, fashion, science and psychology - visitors are given the opportunity to learn more about people's fixation with beauty through interactive workshops, speaking and other activities.

How to unhook a woman bra

How to unhook a woman braHow to unhook a woman braHow to unhook a woman braHow to unhook a woman bra

About two weeks ago, a shopping mall in southern china held a one-handed bra-removing contest the idea was to see who could unhook the bras of eight women.
How to unhook a woman bra greer, who regards the bra as ludicrous , has had her polemic reflexes tickled by my new book woman as design, devoting an entire page of splenetic. Female swedish soldiers complain about flammable bras woman removing bra: a brassiere is an undergarment that covers, supports, and elevates the breasts since the late 19th century, it has replaced the corset as the most.
STEPS How to unhook a bra from Women body :

STEP 1: Come in from the top, place one finger under the hook and place the rest above. Begin to squeeze the hooks together.
STEP 2: Continue the squeeze while twisting in a clockwise direction.
STEP 3: Release and ENJOY!

Best Sports Bra for women can see in shop bra

shop bra we can find - Best Sports Bra for women :
1. Hind Womens Motion Sensor Bra
2. Nike Zip Front Sports Bra
3. Moving Comfort Womens Grace Bra
4. Speedo Underwire Sports Bra
5. Champion Friction Free Sports Bra
6. Adidas Women's Response Bra
7. Champion Shape Sports Bras
8. Champion Double Dry Seamless Long Tank Top
9. Danskin Tank Top
10. Nike Tank.

Best Sports Bra for women can see in shop bra
but don't try to this act in the bra shop, we can Watch dressing room of chubby hot sexy girl in black bra and white pants video here:

the emergency bra for emergency protect

the emergency bra for emergency protectBesides its functions to cover the breast and the supporting performances, this bra can now function as a mask in an emergency to protect the health of the respiratory tract.
A bra that looks no different from conventional bra and can be used as a mask, because the strap can be inserted in the head and having a separate cup so it can be used by two people. This bra bra called the emergency.
Dr. Elena Bodnar, creator of emergency bra that says "The purpose of making this bra is saving our respiratory system from harmful particulate contamination during emergency events. The design is also already in forms such as masks, so practical to wear. "
Emergency bra may also be a lot of helping women around the location of the incident on September 11. "We do not know when disaster will come, so we must be vigilant," said Bodnar.
Bodnar has been doing research on the impact of a nuclear reactor explosion in 1986 Chernoblyl. He said that "If the direct use of this mask one hour after a nuclear explosion, we will avoid inhaling Iodine-131, which causes penyakita nuclear particle radiation. "
This bra can be ordered online for U.S. $ 29.95 or about Rp 272,545, - (1 dollar = Rp 9100). From these creations, Bodnar won Ignoble Award, awards for the discovery that impressed trivial, but in practice very useful.
what bra shop will sell this bras.
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celeb Katy Perry bra size in pose topless for Rolling Stone

celeb Katy Perry bra size in pose topless for Rolling Stonethis beautiful famous celebrity.
Actually initially did not realize that this petite woman has a big and beautiful breast. It was only revealed after he did pose topless for Rolling Stone magazine. That is surprising considering its small, but large enough to have breasts.
wear great bra concept design of feminime women.

Make Big Breasts Looks Small with great design Bra

Make Big Breasts Looks Small with CuCute Bra bra design is very important thing for making women more confident and looks sexy beautiful.
the "CuCute Bra" Make Big Breasts Looks Small.
may be all man will like for this woman categories.. just look at the picture.. he he he, but, not all women are happy with the breasts are large, sometimes many feel uncomfortable and event be unconfident. but trust it will not happen if you wear Wacoal products from Japan have just launched a special bra woman who wants her breasts look small (at least somewhat smaller). that must be great inovation.
Bra CuCute thus the name of a bra that may be a little controversy since usually most women want to look great but this one is just the opposite. CuCute Bra made ​​because according to the survey, about 10% of Japanese women want their breasts look smaller and Wacoal finally realize the dream of 10% of women in Japan.

we can see the benefits of this bra. that can make the woman more sexy beautiful. that very usefull product.

5 beautiful celebrity bra size with

here the 5 celeb famous asian actress with bras size
celebrity Kiki Amalia bra 36C sizecelebrity Kiki Amalia bra 36C size
celeb Yeyen Lidya bra 34aceleb Yeyen Lidya bra 34a
celeb Wiwid Gunawan bra 36B sizeceleb Wiwid Gunawan bra 36B size
celeb singer Audy bra 34 e sizeceleb singer Audy bra 34 e size
celeb sexy Magdalena bra size 34 eceleb sexy Magdalena bra size 34 e
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5 beautiful famous celebrity bra size photo

FreebRa silicone Cup A, B, C, D SIZE product

FreebRa silicone - Cup A, B, C, D bra sizeFreebRa silicone - Cup A, B, C, D SIZE product for women.
there are 4 kinds BRA cup sizes on the market we must know:
  • A cup bra size small to about 32 bra
  • B cup bra size is approximately 34 bra
  • C cup bra size big enough for 36 bra
  • D cup bra size large 38 bra
Freebra made of 100% polyurethane on the outer layer and lining 100% silicone on it. Very easy to use, removable and washable, soft, very natural, rested and perfectly formed breasts.
Simply Used like BH, Small Breasts Big Jump So. can make Breast Plump, Sexy And Fast In short time without drugs - drugs and surgery.
This is a smart solution for your small breasts, do not worry. Now there Breasts Made From Silicon Which Helps Small-breasted women, and Less Confidence.

The history of the bra

The history of the braThe history of the bra starting from 2500 years before Christ, in which time the girl on the island of Crete, Greece has been using similar clothes bras outside their clothing to lift their breasts. Year 450 BC, Roman women used some kind of tank top to adjust the size of their breasts.
Bra and history in world
In 1893, Marie Tucek patents registered in the office of the United States as the creator of breast supporter, clothing very similar to the modern bra. In 1912 the term Bahasa Brassiere listed in the Oxford Dictionary.
Modern bra was first patented in 1914 by a New York socialite named Mary Phelps Jacob.
However, he sold his patent rights to the Warner Brothers Corset Company in Connecticut, the United States worth $ 1.500 which then produces more than 15 million dollars 30 years later.
In 1928, Ida Rosenthal, an immigrant from Russia, created a system of measuring cups on the bra and expand it to every stage of life from puberty to adulthood.
New in 1935, Warner created a system of measuring cups that we now know from A to D which is immediately applied by other bra manufacturers.

6 Steps To Stay Long lasting Bra

6 Steps To Stay Long-lasting Bra
British woman known only her bra wash six times a year, while Singapore women's bra wash once a week. In fact, the more often you wash your bra, the more durable your underwear.
By washing the bra every day, you clean the skin cells, sweat, and various cosmetic products such as lotions or deodorants that have spread throughout the day. Meanwhile, bras hanging up to dry will help maintain its shape longer. You also will protect damage to the bra hooks and ropes, and padding, and wire in his cup.
Well, for your favorite bras are beautiful and expensive stay, consider how to take care of her, from washing to save it.

1. Wash by hand. When you wash it with washing machine, you can not control its security. The problem that often happens is that the wires are easily bent due to stress other clothing. Wash it by hand is more secure. Also make sure you do not squeeze the bra to dry, especially when the cup was fitted with extra foam.

2. Button hook. This is a question many women: when washing bras, whether the hook should be buttoned, or released? These small hooks can be stuck into other clothing. Therefore, tie the hook before you wash them. This method can protect the bra from damage.

3. Be careful using detergent. Bra wash with a detergent that you normally use for washing other clothes can thwart your goals caring for a bra. Do not use powdered detergent containing bleach. While the liquid detergent will likely solve the problem better, and prevent the fibers damaged the delicate fabric. The best option is a detergent that is specially used for washing delicate material.

4. Dry naturally. The process of drying using a dryer in the washing machine is the most damaging your clothes in this. "A bra should always be dried naturally," said Jennifer, from Client Services "Because of the dryer heat can destroy the elasticity."
Dryer on a washing machine will also make cotton and wire change shape, shrink, or tear. It is best to put the bra in a flat position on top of a towel, and let it dry naturally. Do not leave them directly in the hot sun to prevent color fading.

5. When saving a bra, you can hang it on the hanger, or, if you save it in a drawer, do not fold his second cup. blow up his cup with a roll of socks to retain its shape. The same thing can you do when you are packing clothes for travel.

6. If you're used to change underwear twice a day, wear a bra for a day is enough. Thus you are giving a chance every bra you belong to "rest", and a bra would be more durable.
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