Wednesday, 27 July 2011

the emergency bra for emergency protect

the emergency bra for emergency protectBesides its functions to cover the breast and the supporting performances, this bra can now function as a mask in an emergency to protect the health of the respiratory tract.
A bra that looks no different from conventional bra and can be used as a mask, because the strap can be inserted in the head and having a separate cup so it can be used by two people. This bra bra called the emergency.
Dr. Elena Bodnar, creator of emergency bra that says "The purpose of making this bra is saving our respiratory system from harmful particulate contamination during emergency events. The design is also already in forms such as masks, so practical to wear. "
Emergency bra may also be a lot of helping women around the location of the incident on September 11. "We do not know when disaster will come, so we must be vigilant," said Bodnar.
Bodnar has been doing research on the impact of a nuclear reactor explosion in 1986 Chernoblyl. He said that "If the direct use of this mask one hour after a nuclear explosion, we will avoid inhaling Iodine-131, which causes penyakita nuclear particle radiation. "
This bra can be ordered online for U.S. $ 29.95 or about Rp 272,545, - (1 dollar = Rp 9100). From these creations, Bodnar won Ignoble Award, awards for the discovery that impressed trivial, but in practice very useful.
what bra shop will sell this bras.
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